2 —Guests

The guest list does not include attendees of the associated events.

Tomas Diez
Director of the FAB City project at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC), one of the initiators of the Fab Lab Barcelona project, and PhD researcher at University College of London.
Advanced urbanism for smarter and productive cities
Adam Greenfield
Senior urban fellow at LSE Cities in London; founder and managing director of design practice Urbanscale; and author, most recently, of "Against the smart city" (2013).
Practices of the minimum viable utopia
Osamu Okamura
Architect, program director of reSITE international festival and conference on more livable cities, editorial supervisor of professional architecture magazine ERA21. Lecturer at ARCHIP / Architectural Institute in Prague.
Data & technologies for more effective city. Trends and practices in Czech & Slovak Republic
Kristien Ring
Architect, curator and author. Principal of AA PROJECTS engaged in the production of interdisciplinary projects on future oriented themes in the realm of architecture and urban planning.
SELF MADE CITY Berlin. Self-Initiated Urban Living and Architectural Interventions
Daniella Huszár
Freelance cultural producer, curator at the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre, an independent architectural cultural institution founded and operated by young architects, artists and civilians.
Actors of urban change – Examples from Budapest
Krzysztof Nawratek
School of Architecture, Design and Environment, Plymouth University
Common Good University – development options for the academic campus in Katowice
Paulina Sobieszuk
Staff member at the TechSoup Foundation where she works with NGOs as an animator, coach and coordinator of social, educational and cultural projects. (Open) Data the Warsaw Way’s [Dane po warszawsku] coordinator.
Data the Warsaw Way: how we open and provide Warsaw public data
Paweł Wyszomirski
Curator of TEDxRawaRiver and Member of the Board at the Fix the City DIY [Napraw Sobie Miasto] Foundation.
How can maps change the world?
Steffen Fiedler
Research based designer interested in new roles of technologies and their meaning.
City As Playground
Stephan Thiel
Berlin-based designer who enjoys to experiment with technology in order to research at the intersection of computational design, data visualization and interactive experiences.
City As Playground
Martijn de Waal
Researcher on Urban Media and Citizen Empowerment at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Assistant professor in media studies at the University of Amsterdam. Founder, together with Michiel de Lange, of TheMobileCity.nl – a research group on digital media and urban culture and design.
The Hackable City
Artur Celiński
deputy editor-in-chief at Res Publica Nowa, member of the editorial board of Magazyn Miasta and head of the DNA Miasta team
Smart, Creative, Slow and Sustainable city culture
Verena Gerlach
Type and graphic designer based in Berlin. She has lectured in type design and typography in Berlin since 2003, and gives lectures and workshops about type and graphic design accross the world.
An official launch of Pischinger – Katowice’s typeface
Milica Milunović
Belgrade International Architecture Week, project coordinator.
Ways to discover a city: urban development research in Belgrade
Milota Sidorova
reSITE Festival, project coordinator
Data & technologies for more effective city. Trends and practices in Czech & Slovak Republic
Bogna Świątkowska
Founder of the Bęc Zmiana Foundation for New Culture, curator, publisher of the state-wide cultural magazine “Notes na 6 tygodni”.
Bringing unused properties back to life – the outcomes of the fight for Warsaw’s vacant properties
Magdalena Siwanowicz
Legal analyst in ePaństwo Foundation, member of the Open Data Team of the City of Gdańsk, legal advisor trainee from the Warsaw Chamber of the Legal Counsel.
Open data and city to herald a revolution?
Ján Studený
Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava
Places in the city