about the conference

Our Rediscovering the City conference will serve to present different ways to study, describe, explore, discover and reclaim the city. We will interest ourselves primarily in grassroots and community oriented solutions based on data processing technologies, in an attempt to answer the question of whether they may empower the local communities to have a real impact on the design and development directions of our cities in the near future. Particular attention will be given to projects in Central Europe in order to observe the local application context of certain universal and globally-shared technologies.

at the conference

The main reasons for organising the conference Rediscovering the City include a desire to sum up the 2014 activities of Medialab Katowice and mark Katowice’s 150th anniversary celebrations as delivered by the city’s Institution of Culture Katowice: City of Gardens. We will show a city located in the heart of a large industrial conurbation that is currently undergoing a rapid transformation while seeking to find alternative ways to evolve and redefine its identity.


lectures and presentations

topics ranging from new technologies to the transformation of cities, including case studies and projects carried out by Medialab Katowice.



urban activists and researchers, officials, designers from all over Poland – a great opportunity to make new contacts and participate in creative discussions.



represented at the conference: the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, the US, Hungary.


associated events

prepared by Medialab Katowice: an exhibition on the history of Katowice, two workshops, a neon sign launch and promotion of Katowice’s native typeface.